Caroline Wozniacki: I don't think 'busy' Serena Williams will return to pro tennis

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Caroline Wozniacki: I don't think 'busy' Serena Williams will return to pro tennis

Caroline Wozniacki does not think that Serena Williams will be making a pro comeback as she noted that the American has "so many things going on" right now in her life. Williams, who turned 41 in late September, retired from pro tennis after the Us Open.

Even though Williams is now retired from tennis, she doesn't really have much free time since she has a lot of responsibility when it comes to her family and businesses. Williams, who became a mother in 2017 after welcoming Olympia, revealed in August that one of her plans for the future is to expand her family.

Since Williams is now focused on some different things at this stage of her life, many believe that it is highly unlikely to see the American in pro tennis again..

Wozniacki does not think Williams will return to pro tennis

"I don't think so, if she [Serena Williams] plays an exhibition I think that would be lucky but I don't think we will see her back playing on tour.

Just so many things going on. I think she loves the game so much it's been her life for so many years but at the same time, she's busy. I'm trying to track her down now, she's in Miami this week, so I'm like let's grab a coffee, let's grab a drink or dinner.

She has a million things going on. I don't think we'll see her on a professional tennis court ever again," Wozniacki said on Tennis Channel, as quoted on Sportskeeda. Wozniacki, who retired from pro tennis after the 2020 Australian Open, is close friends with Williams.

This past summer, Wozniacki and her husband welcomed their second child. One of the first to happily react to the news was Williams. Meanwhile, Williams has already been asked about a potential return to tennis several times. Williams never said she was definitely done with tennis but many believe that her career indeed is over.

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