Venus Williams: I ended up switching back to Serena's rackets

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Venus Williams: I ended up switching back to Serena's rackets

Venus Williams revealed she switched back to Serena Williams' rackets after realizing that a Wilson Pro Staff wasn't really for her. In the past, Venus used a Wilson Blade 104. This past summer, Venus wanted to give a shot to a Wilson Pro Staff, that has a head size of 98.

In the beginning, everything seemed to work fine. But then, Venus realized that it wasn't going to work out. "I ended up changing my rackets twice actually this summer if you can imagine. So I went from a Blade 104 to trying a Pro Staff and that head size is about 98.

It was a huge change for me. I've always played with a really large head size, either big or bigger or biggest, and so going to 98 was different but it actually felt really good in the beginning. It felt like I had a lot more control and that my balls weren't flying, but as I entered competition, I kind of realized that it really took me too much out of my game and that when I was really ready to go for my shots, the ball wasn't going enough.

I really didn't have the experience or the skill to figure out how to play with the racket. Maybe given some time, but time is a commodity we want to use the best that we can and I didn't have the time to learn how to use that racket," Venus said in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Venus Williams: I switched back to Serena's rackets

After realizing that a Wilson Pro Staff wasn't for her, Venus switched back to a Wilson Blade 104. Also, Venus had them customized to the specifications of Serena's rackets.

"So, I actually ended up switching back to the Blade 104 and switching to Serena's rackets, into her specs because our rackets start to be customized to exactly what we want, what we need. So we tweak them, add more weight in the head or in the handle, change the string pattern a little bit, and I end up really just inheriting her racket and it's perfect for me.

So I pretty much went back to what I was doing which is crazy but with different specs and those make a world of a difference," Venus said. In 2022, Venus made four singles appearances. Unfortunately for Venus, it didn't go well as she went 0-4 in those four tournaments.

In February, Venus Williams will be returning to action as she is set to play an exhibition against Danielle Collins in Dallas.

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