Coach Mouratoglou recalls one thing Serena Williams used to constantly say to herself

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Coach Mouratoglou recalls one thing Serena Williams used to constantly say to herself

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou suggests extreme confidence levels are one of the things that separate great champions like Serena Williams from the rest. Mouratoglou, who worked with Williams for a decade, recalled how the American tennis great used to constantly remind herself that she needed to be the best supporter for herself.

On his Instagram account, Mouratoglou shared a clip from one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's press conferences. In the football world, some consider Ibrahimovic to be one of the cockiest and most arrogant players in the game. "If people call you arrogant probably because they are...

Champions are the best at believing in themselves. As Serena always say, 'You have to be your best supporter.' They think they can achieve anything, they are exceptionally confident in their ability to make their goals come true," Mouratoglou captioned his Instagram post.

Mouratoglou paid tribute to Williams

In April, Mouratoglou announced his decision to become the new full-time coach for Simona Halep.

At the time, Williams was out for action for nearly a year. In his announcement, Mouratoglou revealed that Williams gave him the green light to start working with Halep. A few months later, Williams returned to singles action at Wimbledon.

Before retiring, Williams appeared in four tournaments. After Williams concluded her US Open run, Mouratoglou paid tribute to the American tennis icon. "What a ride it has been. Thank you for everything. I wish you the very best for the next chapter!" Mouratoglou said after Williams' career came to an end.

Meanwhile, Mouratoglou guided Holger Rune to the Paris Masters title and a top-10 ranking. After the US Open, Halep underwent surgery and gave Mouratoglou permission to work with Rune until the end of the 2022 season. In the meantime, the ITIA announced that Halep tested positive for a prohibited substance.

Halep is currently suspended and Mouratoglou is awaiting on the Romanian to learn when she will be allowed to return.