Coach Rick Macci shares message Serena, Venus Williams' father Richard sent him

Richard Williams took a moment to show Macci he still deeply appreciates him.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coach Rick Macci shares message Serena, Venus Williams' father Richard sent him

Serena and Venus Williams' childhood coach Rick Macci revealed that Richard Williams recently took some time to show that he still deeply appreciates his willingness to work with his daughters. In 1991, Richard Williams contacted Macci claiming that he had two astonishing young talents.

Macci agreed to work with the Williams sisters and the rest is absolute history. Macci worked with the Williams for four years as he was their first coach. In King Richard, Macci's role in developing the Williams sisters was greatly explained.

"Rick Macci, you are a great, great teacher, and thank you for working (with) my daughters Venus and Serena. Thank you very much and enjoy your evening," the message read.

How Macci reacted to Serena Williams' retirement?

After the US Open, Serena's historic career came to an end.

Through his Twitter account, Macci paid tribute to Serena. "There was an amazing beginning, and an even better ending. (goat emoji) @serenawilliams," Macci tweeted.

After Serena played the final match of her career, she took a moment to express her gratitude to those who helped her become an all-time great.

“Thank you, Daddy. I know you’re watching. Thanks, Mom (tearing up). Just I thank everyone that’s here, that’s been on my side so many years, decades. But it all started with my parents. And they deserve everything.

So I’m really grateful for them. These are happy tears, I guess ; I don’t know. And I wouldn’t be Serena if there wasn’t Venus, so thank you, Venus. She’s the only reason that Serena Williams ever existed, so, I don’t know.

Just everyone from Jill to Isha to my sister Lyn, to my husband, Olympia, to Jarmere. Everyone in that box there today. Alexis, Kristy, Derrick (phonetic)," Serena said after playing the final match of her career. Meanwhile, 42-year-old Venus is still listed as active.

Venus Williams kicked off her 2023 season in Auckland but then was forced to withdraw from the Australian Open due to an injury.

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