Serena Williams' unleashes rumors of tennis return after mysterious post


Serena Williams' unleashes rumors of tennis return after mysterious post

Serena Williams sparked rumors of a tennis return among her fans after she captioned her latest Instagram post with the phrase "a moment of reflection."

Here are some of her followers' reactions:
  • "We wouldn’t be mad if you pulled a Tom Brady."
  • "Good morning Queen, #TheGoat, I know you have these moments, as you should, and they maybe bitter sweet at times.

    However, know your legacy will last a lifetime, many times over. Thank you for just being you. Everything we needed at the time."

  • "We cling to our habits for fear of the uncertain, to the new that perhaps does not give us the security that we think we need.

    God bless you"

  • "And then the training starts…."
  • "Come back to tennis we miss you! #24"

Serena Williams talked about her withdrawal again

In a recent interview with CBS Morning, Serena was back to talk about retirement.

"I just feel that, to me, withdrawal is such a big word for someone my age. It's not something I feel is good for me, I've never been able to stay in certain patterns, I've always tried to get out of them, so even the concept of retreat is not something I can accept with serenity.

Actually I wasn't happy at all after the match against Tomljanovic," Serena said. "I was there to keep going and to keep winning. I thought: I can't believe I let that game go. Right now I am allowing myself to be tired, to relax and to be alone at times.

It's harder than I ever imagined. I've never allowed myself to do anything like this before. I'm definitely evolving, but it all feels so different when you retire. A come back? It is hard to say. I would say no, at least not at the moment. I gave my whole life to tennis. And now it's time to dedicate myself to something else."

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