Mouratoglou made Serena Williams in tears: "You are too hefty"

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Mouratoglou made Serena Williams in tears: "You are too hefty"
Mouratoglou made Serena Williams in tears: "You are too hefty" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

In the HBO's Being Serena, the fifth episode showed a sensational backstory, concerning the Roland Garros 2018, with Serena Williams in tears after the demands of Patrick Mouratoglou. The French coach, who was her coach at the time after giving birth, tried to talk to her about stopping a mother's practice to play better and lose weight.

Serena's pregnancy was difficult, also seasoned with postpartum depression. While Mouratoglou focused on her tennis, Serena, as seen in the HBO documentary, had moments of great emotional fragility. Mouratoglou was trying to make her understand her theses with force and brutality, but Serena had an emotional breakdown.

Mouratoglou shocks, Serena Williams in tears: "You are too hefty"

Mouratoglou told Serena: "It's all about getting the result, so the result we want is for you to play and win. But the question is, how do we do it? So, the first step is to stop breastfeeding.

Why the problem it's that you're too hefty. Because you're packing on a lot of fat. Exercising feeling super heavy is a joke." The French coach also added: "It's too difficult, you know. It's okay that you had a child. It takes time but when you go back to the tennis court, you are 100% ready for the competition.

From today at the Roland Garros we have to give you maximum possibilities to play… I prefer that you go to Roland Garros with 0 games to go but super fit." Serena replied: "I don't want you to think I haven't done the work.

Because I have. I work out all day like every day." Serena then said: "After Miami when I was losing a lot of weight like I lost and I was at home and the next day I put on 8lbs. I didn't know where. And that was frustrating. It's very heavy.

Where did this come from? It's hard because I'm doing everything. It's not that I'm lazy. It's never been me. I've never gotten where I've been without putting in the effort. I have the breastfeeding thing, it's like the last thing for me. That's why during the night I put on 4 kilos."

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