Venus' ex-coach thinks she'll retire by playing doubles with Serena Williams in NY

Rick Macci thinks Venus may be retiring from tennis at the 2023 US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Venus' ex-coach thinks she'll retire by playing doubles with Serena Williams in NY

Coach Rick Macci thinks Venus Williams may retire at the US Open and adds it may come with Venus playing doubles with her sister Serena. Venus, 42, appeared in just four singles tournaments last year. Venus started the 2023 season at the ASB Classic in Auckland but has been out since suffering a hamstring injury during an Auckland round-of-16 loss against Zhu Lin.

Last year, Serena retired from pro tennis at the US Open. Macci, who was famously Venus and Serena's childhood coach, thinks this year's US Open may be Venus' farewell.

Macci: Venus Williams may retire by playing doubles with Serena at the US Open

"I think it's difficult for Venus Williams.

When I had Venus and Serena, it was more about Venus. Because she was older as you saw in the King Richard movie. Venus was really, really like my daughter and we had an amazing bond. In my opinion, and I don't have any insight, I think she'll retire at the US Open.

I think that she'll play doubles with Serena. And I think they're going to exit the stage left at the US Open," Macci told Tennis-Infinity. Macci highlighted that all of this is just his "gut" and not an insight told by someone from the Williams family.

"I have no insight. I'm just going on my gut. Because I think with injuries and she hurt her hip in the last tournament, it's hard with the injuries. And I think she knows she's not going to win the tournament. But obviously if she still plays.

It's good for the name. It's good for the brand. She has a platform. I get all that stuff, but I think she could still play doubles with Serena, and believe it or not, I think they could still win tournaments," Macci added. Serena played doubles with Venus in her final tournament at the 2022 US Open.

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