"I am convinced," Serena Williams' husband predicts they will have another girl!

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"I am convinced," Serena Williams' husband predicts they will have another girl!
"I am convinced," Serena Williams' husband predicts they will have another girl! (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian will become parents for the second time, but they have yet to discover the gender of their second child. However, the co-founder of reddit is convinced that they will have another girl, after Olympia Jr.

Alexis said during the Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?: "I'm convinced that I'm gonna be a girl dad. So even if we have, you know, 50 more kids, they're all gonna be girls. But we' I'll see." Ohanian then said: "Serena was so excited when Anna Wintour invited the three of us to the Met Gala."

Serena Williams' new pregnancy

Serena Williams is considered by many to be one of the strongest tennis players of all time, by some the strongest.

Serena, together with her sister Venus, has revolutionized the way of playing tennis and has achieved a series of extraordinary results in the last twenty years. We can say that while men's tennis has had the Big Three, women's tennis has had Serena Williams, a true ruler in this third millennium.

23 Grand Slam titles, Olympic gold, five times the victory at the Finals, Serena's numbers are impressive as well as the number of tournaments she has during her career, even if now the tennis player has said enough. Meanwhile, Serena and her family can be happy for some fantastic new news.

Through her social channels, Serena announced that she was pregnant with her second child. Serena and her husband already have a daughter, Olympia, born in 2017. On social media Serena confirmed with a sentence that leaves no doubt: "I was really very excited when Anna Wintour invited the Three of us to the Met Gala." A reference to her husband and her forthcoming baby.

In addition to this clue, to leave no doubt, Serena has posted a series of photos and in one of her the sweet expectation is evident and the 41-year-old woman touches her belly with a very happy look. Last August, Serena Williams granted an interview to her Vogue colleagues and talked about many topics: "At the beginning of my career I never thought of having children.

There were times when I wondered if I should bring children into this world, I didn't feel comfortable with that possibility. But now without telling lies, I have great support regarding my children. My husband tells me I'm very practical, but he has to say that in five years Olympia was only once away from me for 24 hours. Last year I was injured and picked up my daught."

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