Serena Williams breaks in top 5 female seed investors

Serena moved her dominance on the tennis court on the business field.

by Claudiu Pop
Serena Williams breaks in top 5 female seed investors

According to a ranking made by Business Insider, Serena Williams' venture broke through the top 100 new venture funds and Serena herself became the no.4 female seed investor. The team behind Serena Ventures took pride in achieving the feat on their official Instagram page.

"We are excited to announce that Serena Ventures is among the top 100 new venture funds. Also on the list of best female early-stage investors, we’d like to thank @insiderbusiness, our portfolio companies and all our supporters.

Drop a in the comments below," Serena Ventures' team wrote on Instagram.

Serena told Business Insider what made her naturally good at making business.

"Coming from a sports background and a sport that was an individual one, I've developed a habit of trusting my gut. So when it came to venture and founders, it wasn't hard to apply it," Williams told Insider in an email. "I also know what it looks like to be incredibly talented and not given the exposure because of the color of your skin.

It's another reason I love investing — to close that gap."

What has Serena Ventures invested in so far

According to the fund's official website, here are some of the companies that Serena Ventures has so far invested in:

  • Wile, "a female-founded and female-formulated plant-based supplement company catering to the needs of women over 40."
  • Esusu, "a company that allows renters to acquire credit for their on-time rental payments."
  • Juno, "an inclusive healthcare system dedicated to delivering quality care to everyone."
Serena Williams' venture fund has also invested in Halp, Momento Market, Wondermind, Stears, Numida, Ours, Boss Beauties, LilliiRNB, TRACFLO, Calico, Bunch, Susu, Chatdesk, Fiveable, Hued, Foody, Infinite Objects, and more.

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