Serena's husband Ohanian: "The government isn't equipped to tackle AI"

Alexis Ohanian: "Imagine where we'll be by the end of this year."

by Claudiu Pop
Serena's husband Ohanian: "The government isn't equipped to tackle AI"

Serena Williams's husband Alexis Ohanian warned in an interview with CNN's Chris Wallace that the American government is not ready to regulate AI, and pointed out the need for tech leaders to be involved in the policy-making process.

"The government isn’t equipped to tackle AI. But it’s not just geriatric congresspeople who don’t understand the implications of this technology - it’s also the general public. Fortunately, the WH has been talking to AI leaders, but we need people **in office** who are just as well-versed.

AI has evolved rapidly in the last 6 months. Imagine where we’ll be by the end of this year. Regulation needs to happen now. With well-informed regulation, AI would be a force of good for the American people. I talked about this further with #ChrisWallace," Alexis captioned a fragment of the CNN interview.

Ohanian demonstrates the power of AI

During the same CNN interview, Alexis Ohanian also proved the power of AI by showing how the Deeptune software instantly dubbed one of his videos in Spanish.

Ohanian also published this part of the interview to his Instagram account. "Tune in to @CNN tonight (FRIDAY!) at 10PM Eastern for my full interview with Chris Wallace where he asks me anything about A.I. and what it all means for America — and humanity.

No big deal, and I get to flex my Spanish thanks to some new amazing dubbing tech we backed and are supporting at @776fund," Ohanian captioned the video fragment.

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