Cori Gauff tells how 'leaders' Serena Williams, Venus Williams impacted her life

Gauff was inspired by the Williams sisters to take up tennis.

by Dzevad Mesic
Cori Gauff tells how 'leaders' Serena Williams, Venus Williams impacted her life

Cori Gauff paid special tribute to Serena and Venus Williams as she is inspired to follow in their footsteps and be an inspiration. Gauff, 19, grew up watching the Williams sisters and the two all-time greats made Gauff believe that she could one day be a tennis star.

Now, Gauff is ranked at No 6 in the world and she has had one Grand Slam final appearance. "I think just in general, having leaders like Venus Williams and Serena Williams in our sport, definitely makes you want to do better and makes you want to do better for the world.

And I think having leaders like that are important because it made a difference in my life," Gauff said in a video for Tennis Channel.

The Williams sisters inspired Gauff to play tennis

Serena and Venus Williams inspired many Black kids to take up tennis and believe that they could also make it in tennis.

During Serena's US Open farewell, Gauff acknowledged the role that the Williams sisters played in her tennis journey. Gauff is hoping to also achieve success - be a good role model - be the reason why more Black kids will start playing tennis.

"For me, for any kid, but especially ones that look like me, I think for the most part, just continue to do what you want to do, no matter what people say. I think for me, the Williams sisters definitely inspired me to play tennis because I saw someone like me playing in a sport with not a lot of people looking like me.

I hope I can be that for other kids. Yeah, that's all I can say really. Just continue to be our authentic selves. Don't try to feed into any stereotypes, just be you," Gauff said in September. Meanwhile, Gauff is currently at the French Open, where she is hoping to lift her first Grand Slam title.

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