Tracy Austin drops ultimate praise on Serena Williams & Venus Williams story

Austin speaks extremely highly of the Williams sisters.

by Dzevad Mesic
Tracy Austin drops ultimate praise on Serena Williams & Venus Williams story

American tennis legend Tracy Austin thinks Serena and Venus Williams wrote the best story in tennis history. The Williams sisters, who grew up in the notorious Los Angeles neighborhood of Compton, didn't come from a really rich tennis family but they had an astonishing talent for tennis and they were willing to put in the hard work.

After realizing how talented his daughters were, Richard Williams went to great lengths to make sure Serena and Venus would have a shot at making their dreams a reality. Even before turning pro, the whole tennis world was talking about two extremely talented American girls and tipping them to become the next big thing.

When Serena and Venus turned pro, they took the tennis world by storm and ultimately became all-time greats. Serena had 23 Grand Slam singles titles - Venus has seven Grand Slam singles titles - together, Serena and Venus won 14 Grand Slam women's doubles titles.

Austin: Serena and Venus Williams wrote the best tennis story

"I think the Venus and Serena Williams story is the best in tennis. You have Richard who said there were both going to number 1 in the world, which they did, check.

They are both going to win the majors many times over, check. The one fact that I think is overlooked is them playing finals of Majors against each other so many times. Buying for that number one ranking, this rivalry, yet the family is so close," Austin said on Tennis Channel, per Sportskeeda.

Meanwhile, Serena retired last year while Venus is still active and set to play in 's-Hertogenbosch next week. During Venus' recent Q&A session on Instagram, the seven-time Grand Slam champion was asked: "What are the chances of you and Serena playing doubles tourneys in the future?" Venus replied: "When Serena retired I retired from doubles as well.

When you have Serena Williams as a partner you have seen the glory at the mountaintop, you can't go any higher! Sorry I don't have better news."

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