Serena Williams reveals second baby gender


Serena Williams reveals second baby gender
Serena Williams reveals second baby gender

Serena Williams has announced that she is expecting a baby girl. On Monday, a video of Williams and Alexis Ohanian's gender reveal party was posted on YouTube. On May 1st, Williams and Ohanian revealed during the Met Gala that they were expecting to become parents for the second time.

When the gender reveal party started, Williams said she was "team pink" - clearly indicating it was a girl. "I am going to a baby shower/gender reveal so obviously I'm team pink but I'm nervous because I don't have any contingency plan if it turns out that I'm having a boy.

I'm very excited, I'm a little nervous, a little anxious and Olympia's downstairs like yelling at me. She was ready to go an hour ago," Williams said.

Williams pranked by her husband Ohanian

When the moment came for Williams to cut the cake, the cake ordered was yellow.

Ohanian pulled a prank as he jokingly wanted to throw Williams off. “I’m doing this because I want to troll her and Olympia into thinking that this is the reveal of Jelly Bean. She will cut into this cake and probably be disappointed and hopefully appreciate my troll.

But, we’ll see. I don’t know if she’s gonna be a professional about it. She might see this cake come out, roll her eyes, and say, ‘This guy had one job and he gave me a goddamn cake gender reveal.’ But we’ll see.

there’s a reveal after the reveal," Ohanian said. In 2017, Williams and Ohanian welcomed their first child - daughter Olympia. In 2022 August, Williams revealed her plans to retire after the US Open. At the time, Williams also said her goal was to expand her family and give Olympia a sibling. 12 months later, Williams is set to deliver her second child. Williams and Ohanian are now set to be a family of four.

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