Serena Williams has a special person on her side for the gender reveal party


Serena Williams has a special person on her side for the gender reveal party
Serena Williams has a special person on her side for the gender reveal party

At the gender reveal party organized by Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian, there was a special person for the US tennis legend. Serena and Venus' father, Richard Williams, was present, in one of his now rare public appearances, along with Serena and Venus' stepmother, Lakeisha.

Serena shared this special moment on YouTube:

The gender reveal party

Social networks are enthusiastic about the birth in a few months of the second child of Serena Williams and her partner Alexis Ohanian. The two, who have already given birth to little Olympia (who has reached the age of 5), are ready to welcome another beautiful child into their family.

In an event reserved only for very close relatives and friends, the couple discovered the gender of the new little one in a super particular way. The former US player was first deceived with a surprise that was intended to confuse her ideas.

In fact, the inside of a cake was supposed to reveal the baby's gender but the color was yellow. Then the big revelation happened in the sky thanks to some drones. First the words "It's a..." appeared and then the one that so excited those present: "..a Girl!" A dream gender reveal for the couple, who thus announced to the world that they were expecting a girl.

Many fans dreamed of a possible return to the WTA circuit of the US legend after her announced her retirement at the US Open 2022.
Hopes were extinguished a few months ago, with the news that Serena was pregnant again. For almost a year, Williams' life has practically been transformed, as she has abandoned tennis and concentrated on other important aspects.

Now, after Olympia, there will be a new girl to welcome with open arms. Meanwhile, the former US tennis legend Serena Williams is about to become a mother for the second time.The tennis and women's sports icon is working out, despite her baby bump and despite her pregnancy, to stay in top shape with a rigorous training regimen.

Serena shared a video of her workout routine with her fans on her YouTube channel. Along with that, she also shared some pathetic pregnancy difficulties that she is facing nowadays

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