Serena Williams' ex-coach details how he could help Emma Raducanu

Coach Rick Macci believes he can fix Raducanu's woes.

by Dzevad Mesic
Serena Williams' ex-coach details how he could help Emma Raducanu

Serena Williams' childhood coach Rick Macci reveals he reached out to Emma Raducanu's agent and explained how he could help the 2021 US Open champion. Macci, who was famously the childhood coach of Serena and Venus Williams, believes he can help Raducanu fix her woes.

Raducanu, who became the first-ever qualifier to win a Grand Slam at the 2021 US Open, hasn't won any titles since. When Raducanu's results and form plummeted, the Briton quickly became one of the most criticized players in tennis.

In an interview with Tennis-Infinity, Macci said Raducanu's 2021 US Open win "wasn't a fluke" and highlighted that "you don't lose the ability or talent."

Macci thinks he could help Raducanu

“I actually talked to her agent, I actually reached out and said, 'I’d love to help this young lady, okay, I’d like to know what’s in her head.'

Okay-obviously, I'm not a travel coach. I-I'd rather help build the box, than sit in the box. Okay, that's just kind of what I do, because I run a business, and I do things very, very differently. So, at the end of the day, I could help her big time; mentally, technically, strategically.

Listen, you don't qualify for a Grand Slam, win a Grand Slam and never lose a set, okay, if you don't have magic in a bottle, if you're not special mentally. So that means she must have good movement, she must have the mental strength and she has the firepower - obviously, I saw her groundstrokes and the way she plays.

So, she has the game," Macci told Tennis-Infinity. After undergoing three surgeries in May, Raducanu split with Sebastian Sachs - the coach she hired before the start of the 2023 season. Raducanu is still sidelined and she hasn't yet made any coaching announcements since splitting with Sachs. It remains to be seen if Raducanu will give a shot to Macci.

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