Venus Williams chooses unique way to congratulate Coco Gauff on US Open win

Gauff receives a congratulatory message from her idol Williams.

by Dzevad Mesic
Venus Williams chooses unique way to congratulate Coco Gauff on US Open win
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Venus Williams certainly had a very unique way of congratulating Coco Gauff on her US Open win. On Saturday, 19-year-old Gauff clinched her maiden Grand Slam win after beating Aryna Sabalenka 2-6 6-3 6-2 in the US Open final.

In the next 24 hours, Gauff received a ton of congratulatory messages through social media from fellow tennis players, celebrities, and even US President Joe Biden. But Williams didn't make any posts about Gauff's US Open win on Instagram or X.

Instead, Williams congratulated Gauff through YouTube's comment section. After an interview with Gauff, TODAY uploaded the video on their YouTube account. In the comment section, Williams wrote: "Congrats Coco <3."

Gauff paid special tribute to Serena and Venus Williams

Moments after her US Open win, Gauff told Serena and Venus that they were the ones who made her believe this was possible.

“Yes, it's crazy. I mean, they're the reason why I have this trophy today, to be honest. They have allowed me to believe in this dream, you know, growing up. You know, there wasn't too many just Black tennis players dominating the sport.

It was literally, at that time when I was younger, it was just them that I can remember. Obviously, more came because of their legacy. So it made the dream more believable. But all the things that they had to go through, they made it easier for someone like me to do this.

I mean, you look back at the history with Indian Wells, with Serena, all she had to go through, Venus fighting for equal pay. Yeah, it's just, like, it's crazy and it's an honor to be in that kind of lineup as them. And I'm looking at it, and she's won this a lot of times.

(laughter)," Gauff said. In 1999, Serena became a Grand Slam champion at the US Open. 24 years later, Gauff did the same.

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