Sorana Cirstea rips Serena Williams over shade thrown at Simona Halep

Cirstea didn't like Williams taking a shot at Halep.

by Dzevad Mesic
Sorana Cirstea rips Serena Williams over shade thrown at Simona Halep
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Sorana Cirstea has come to Simona Halep's defense and called Serena Williams "arrogant" over her shade thrown at Halep. Last Tuesday, the ITIA announced that the independent tribunal handed Halep a four-year ban after their investigation concluded that the former world No 1 committed two anti-doping violations.

Hours later, Williams posted on X: "8 is a better number." In 2019, Halep dismantled Williams 6-2 6-2 in the Wimbledon final. Williams, who retired from pro tennis last year, finished her career with seven Wimbledon titles.

In her post on X, Williams was clearly referring to the outcome of the 2019 Wimbledon final. “Serena as a player was extraordinarily good. As a person, she always had this arrogance. She didn't accept when someone could beat her or took a title from her," Cirstea told Sport Romania, via The Tennis Letter.

Cirstea comes to Halep's defense after Williams' shade

Since last year's October, Halep has been insisting that she is innocent.

Even after receiving a four-year ban, Halep reiterated the same message. Last week, Halep announced she was planning to take her case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Cirstea, ranked at No 25 in the world, has no doubt that Halep is innocent.

“I know Simona. I don't think she ever consciously doped. This suspension is for an innocent person," Cirstea said of Halep's doping ban.

Meanwhile, Halep also issued a response to Williams this week.

Although Halep didn't mention Williams by her name, she clearly was addressing the American tennis icon in her comments. “I think everyone has the right to judge me because the tribunal decided that I have the fault here.

Someone told me today that those players who are hating on me because I beat them," Halep told Front Office Sports. It remains to be seen if Halep taking her case to CAS can change anything.

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