Tennis icon Legend Serena Williams built a business empire


Tennis icon Legend Serena Williams built a business empire
Tennis icon Legend Serena Williams built a business empire © Cameron Spencer / Staff Getty Images Sport

Serena Williams retired from tennis in 2022, but her iconic figure is always present within the WTA Tour. She is the tennis player who serves as a reference to all the others who are still busy playing on the court. A model of strength, talent, determination, desire to win and excel, to be the best.

Even though she has won one Slam less than Margaret Court, she can undoubtedly be considered the greatest tennis player of all time.

But she is also a GOAT in business, a world in which she, over the years, has built a true empire.

How did she do it? Prize money, sponsorships and far-sighted and intelligent investments.

Some of Serena Williams' major sponsors include Nike, Gatorade, Wilson, Beats by Dre and JP Morgan Chase. Her endorsement income varies from year to year, but it is estimated that she earns around $20 million per year from endorsements.

Serena Williams has made several investments over the years, including real estate investments, such as a mansion in Beverly Hills and a house in Miami. She has also invested in several companies, including jewelry retailer The Serena Williams Jewelry Collection and vegan food company Beyond Meat.

Much of Serena Williams' wealth comes from her tennis earnings through prize money, sponsorships and endorsement deals. She is one of the most successful tennis players of all time and has achieved considerable success both on and off the court.

According to Forbes magazine, Serena Williams earned about $20 million a year from sponsors. Serena Williams' major investments include her stake in several companies and her involvement in venture capital firms. Her known investments include vegan food company Impossible Foods and clothing company Outdoor Voices.

Serena Williams is considered one of the best tennis players of all time and has won numerous major titles, including 23 Grand Slam titles. Tournament victories have guaranteed Serena significant cash prizes and participation prizes.

Additionally, she has earned revenue from endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, Gatorade, JP Morgan Chase and Beats by Dre.

Serena Williams' career highlights

Among Serena Williams' most significant achievements in her career are her 23 Grand Slam titles, which include seven Wimbledon singles titles, six Australian Open singles titles, three US Open singles titles and seven doubles titles mixed in all four Grand Slam tournaments.

She also won four Olympic gold medals, three in mixed doubles and one in singles, making her one of the most decorated tennis players in Olympic history.

Serena Williams

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