Ex-coach describes Serena Williams, Venus Williams in practice at 9 in one word

Coach Rick Macci coached the Williams sisters in their childhood.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex-coach describes Serena Williams, Venus Williams in practice at 9 in one word
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Coach Rick Macci used the word "rage" when asked to describe his impression of Serena Williams and Venus Williams when they were practicing on a not-so-great court in Compton at the age of nine and 10. Macci, the childhood coach of the Williams sisters, played a major part in the early development of the American tennis icons.

Macci worked with the Williams sisters for four years. "Was asked to describe in just one word my impression of Serena Williams and Venus Williams at age 9 and 10 when we were on that chipped up nasty asphalt court with holes in the net in Compton May 1991.

EASY ANSWER. RAGE," Macci wrote on X.

Coach Macci encouraged Venus Williams to keep going

Venus, who is now 43, had brutal luck with injuries throughout the entire 2023. After suffering a very unfortunate leg injury early in her Wimbledon first-round match, Venus did her best to be able to compete at the US Open.

In the end, Venus managed to play at the US Open but it was evident that she was far from her best during a 1-6 1-6 loss to Greet Minnen. After that loss, some started suggesting that it was time for Venus to call it a career.

But Macci didn't agree with that. "Was asked should Venus Williams retire after a rough night. My take is No way. The Compton Comet loves the Stage and loves to Compete. Hard for any champion to say I'm done. She packs the stands and everybody loves VW.

The second greatest player of all time in my opinion will let us Know when she will Go," Macci wrote on X after Venus' US Open exit. Venus, who hasn't played any official tournaments since the US Open, recently revealed her future plans.

"I had a crazy fall at Wimbledon. I just slipped and I was out. I tried my best to recover for the US Open. I did not reach my form so now I am just resting until I get back. I am targeting March, that's when the tournaments go back to the States, so my goal is to be up and running when tournaments come back to the US," Venus Williams said last month.

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