Iconic coach shares why Serena Williams was by far 'the best athlete' he ever coached

Williams' athletic abilities were a big reason why she enjoyed astonishing tennis success.

by Dzevad Mesic
Iconic coach shares why Serena Williams was by far 'the best athlete' he ever coached
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Coach Rick Macci says Serena Williams is "the best athlete he has ever coached" and highlighted that no one was even close to being better than the American tennis icon in that aspect. For four years, coach Macci coached Williams in her childhood.

The rest is history as Williams went on to win 23 Grand Slams and become one of the greatest tennis players and one of the most iconic athletes in sports history. Macci worked with several other legends in their childhood, including Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova.

"Was asked who is the best athlete I ever coached. Not even close as the Compton Crusher @serenawilliams. (She) had Cat like Quickness Razor Sharp Vision Turbo Make Up Speed Explosive Raw Power and the Icing on the Goat Cake was wiring inside more dangerous than a 6.7 Earthquake," Macci wrote on X.

Macci on why Williams was an astonishing athlete

During her prime years and period of lengthy dominance, Williams was pretty much winning the majority of her matches by crushing her rivals.

Over the years, several past and present players admitted to feeling scared of demolition before facing Williams. In September, coach Macci explained that Williams had the ability what her opponent was going to do even before the rival made the decision to do that.

“Absolutely, I think you know when you say the best athlete, okay, is that from the neck down or from the head down? Or do we describe an athlete. So I think he had the speed, the quickness, the agility, the anticipation.

Remember, Serena knew where you were gonna to hit before you did. That’s what spells greatness at the ultimate level," Macci said on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast in September. After the 2022 US Open, Williams retired from pro tennis just days before her 41st birthday.

Earlier this year, Williams admitted to feeling tempted to return because she believes she could still play at a very high level. But Williams stayed firm in her decision and decided against returning to tennis.

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