Serena Williams defends Lewis Hamilton from Toto Wolff's criticism!

The North American said the Mercedes F1 star should already have won 9 world championships

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Serena Williams defends Lewis Hamilton from Toto Wolff's criticism!
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The same social battles, the same iconicity in fashion, a unique style: Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton are friends and the former tennis legend underlined their friendship by defending the Mercedes driver from some criticism from Toto Wolff.

It all started with Wolff's statement. The Mercedes team principal said he was motivated by personal anger to make Lewis Hamilton's dream come true: winning his eighth F1 world championship. However, Wolff also released a series of statements regarding the management of the 2021 season which saw Hamilton lose the title due to a series of poor decisions.

Serena proves her friendship for Hamilton by defending him from Wolff's criticisms

And Williams sided with the British driver, writing on Instagram: "He should have had 9 already.

But...lemme be quiet." Serena talks about the issue even to the PA News Agency, by explaining: "We are living in a hamster wheel where time passes so quickly that it doesn't feel like it has been two years. You can see how quickly the pecking order changes.

But, we have to look forward, learn from the past, and push now to make Lewis win quickly again. I have a personal anger and drive to make him win the eighth title because he should have it." Hamilton in an issue which tennis players are talkning about.

Not only Serena Williams, but also Naomi Osaka. We told you yesterday how Naomi, on Instagram, posted several screenshots of Hamilton's outfits from the Las Vegas F1 GP, revealing that she watched the Netflix series Drive to Survive, just to see what the Formula 1 champion was wearing.

The Japanese star, who will finally return to the court after maternity leave at the beginning of 2024, praised Hamilton's sense of fashion and his best outfits, sharing a series of posts that celebrate the stylistic iconicity of the British Mercedes champion.

Osaka herself is an icon of style and fashion, as well as social commitment and the fight against inequality, just like Hamilton.

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