A controversial influencer accuses Serena Williams of alleged Botox injections


A controversial influencer accuses Serena Williams of alleged Botox injections
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A controversial social media influencer, the Dr. Umar Johnson, has accused the legendary former tennis player Serena Williams of undergoing alleged cosmetic procedures: specifically Botox facial injections. Serena, who has always faced body shaming and racism, has had to endure all kinds of stupid criticisms and comments about her body and her appearance, from self-styled and presumed experts.

Serena, in my opinion (as a tennis expert and not a cosmetics enthusiast!) is a splendid woman with a beautiful natural body and curves.

Serena Williams accused of Botox injections. So?

Dr. Johnson talked about the issue of cosmetics and plastic surgery among black women in a YouTube video.

He highlights how Serena and the actress Jada Pinkett got an alleged cosmetic help by Botx injections, and their impact on black women. "I believe people undergo surgeries because they are never comfortable with themselves as a result of the psychological trauma they experienced.

Serena Williams, I think she got some stuff done to her face. I want black women to stop getting these surgeries because they don' t need them. Serena had a beautiful smile before the surgery. There was no need for the Botox or whatever they did to make up their jaws.

Women who get injections in their butt, the BBLs, you need to stop because guess what? What's going to happen to all these breast implants and butt implants when you get 60 or 70 years old? It's sagging and busting and popping.

And now you have health issues. They are not living in the moment." I add a personal note at the end of the article: Johnson accuses Serena of Botox injections in her face. So? Even if it were? Serena, like everyone, has the right to do what she wants as she wants with her body.

She earned the rights to do what she wants to do, and she is free to do it, like all of us!

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