Nick Kyrgios' hilarious message to Piers Morgan after host shows Serena Williams clip


Nick Kyrgios' hilarious message to Piers Morgan after host shows Serena Williams clip
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Nick Kyrgios jokingly told Piers Morgan to "lay off the pints" during a friendly banter between the two that ensued after the famed TV host decided to show the Australian an old clip of him taking on Serena Williams. Morgan, one of the most famous and popular TV personalities, called out Kyrgios several times in the past.

Kyrgios had strong responses to some of Morgan's criticisms but this week stunningly appeared in his show Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV. Kyrgios and Morgan appeared to be on very good terms during their conversation as the Australian tennis star honestly spoke about several topics.

In one moment, Morgan was prompted to tell and show the Kyrgios about the time he played against Williams and won a point.

Kyrgios and Morgan's friendly banter: Lay off the pints

"I'll tell you what is a problem for me, is your inference earlier that I don't understand the mentality of an elite tennis player.

I'd like to play you a clip of when I took on Serena Williams in New York. I didn't want to play that clip but you forced me into it with your taunting about not being an elite level tennis player. That is me beating the greatest female tennis player in history.

I'm not taking credit, obviously I'm a man, I'm more powerful, I'm faster, more skilful. But a win's a win," Morgan told Kyrgios, via Express-Sport. Kyrgios responded to Morgan by joking that he was in a better shape back then and proposing him a tennis match between them: "Yeah you looked good, your technique was a lot better than I thought but you looked in a bit better shape back then Piers.

How about when I get healthy we take it to the courts and we sort it out once and for all?" Morgan then cracked a joke related to Kyrgios eating sushi during a Wimbledon 2022 presser. "Well you know what I'll do that and actually I do need a bit more sushi in my diet, that's true." A very friendly banter between the two was concluded by Kyrgios telling Morgan: "You’ve got to lay off the pints."

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