Serena Williams' ex-coach on if Novak Djokovic's incredible 2024 goals are achievable

Djokovic believes he can win four all four Grand Slams and the Olympic gold medal next year.

by Dzevad Mesic
Serena Williams' ex-coach on if Novak Djokovic's incredible 2024 goals are achievable
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Coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes Novak Djokovic is "still above" the rest of the competition and he thinks that the Serb could win all four Grand Slams next year and also win the gold medal at the Paris Olympics. After making the final in all four Slams this year and collecting three Majors, Djokovic said there was no reason for him not to believe that he could potentially collect a Calendar Grand Slam next year and also win his first Olympic gold medal.

By winning three Slams this year, Djokovic surpassed Rafael Nadal on the all-time Slam list as he is now the first-ever man with 24 Majors. Catching Djokovic's 24 Grand Slams seems like an impossible task but Mouratoglou thinks the Serb wants more so he can make sure no one ever beats his Slam record.

Mouratoglou on Djokovic: Not unbeatable but he can do it in 2024

“I think Novak in 2024 will be as hungry as he was in 2023. He has a huge goal, he wants to establish a record of Grand Slams who will probably never, ever be beaten in the history.

And he’s in a position to do it. He’s 36, he has 24 Grand Slams – already the record. He’s fresh physically and mentally. He said, ‘why not win the four Grand Slams next year?’ Maybe it sounds crazy but he won three this year, plus one final.

He was one match away from winning the four. So he can think about it. And of course the Olympic gold, because that’s the only title that he’s missing and he wants it. Can he do it? Yes he can do it. There will be, of course, reasons not to do it.

He can get injured and he can be beaten, because he’s not unbeatable. He’s been beaten in the final of Wimbledon by [Carlos] Alcaraz. He lost to [Jannik] Sinner, Holger Rune. Those guys are dangerous and they are the dangers for him.

But for the moment, he’s still above, and on the big moments when it’s very important. When it’s the big matches, the ones that count the most, his mental strength makes the difference," Mouratoglou said in a video uploaded on his Instagram.

In January, Djokovic will be looking to defend his Australian Open title and also become the first-ever tennis player with 25 Grand Slams.

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