Serena Williams' ex-coach joins Nick Kyrgios in disagreeing with Boris Becker's take

Becker recently gave his take on why Alcaraz went without a single title after Wimbledon.

by Dzevad Mesic
Serena Williams' ex-coach joins Nick Kyrgios in disagreeing with Boris Becker's take
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Serena Williams' ex-coach Rick Macci seemingly agrees with Nick Kyrgios that Boris Becker's take on Carlos Alcaraz's just isn't right. Alcaraz, who won six out of his first 10 tournaments played in 2023, went without a single title in his last seven tournaments of the 2023 season.

When addressing Alcaraz's post-Wimbledon results, Becker suggested that the competition improved while Alcaraz stagnated in the second part of the 2023 season. When Kyrgios read about Becker's comments on Alcaraz, he wrote on X: "Annddddddd Alcaraz would DESTROY Becker…..

NEXT." Macci, who famously coached the Williams sisters for four years in their childhood, also disagrees with Becker's take.

Macci disagrees with Becker's take on Alcaraz

"As I said, three years ago, it's something the world hadn't seen.

He's something, in my opinion, that is very unique. He never played that much on grass, and then he made some Houdini escapes at Wimbledon, and then he beat Djokovic in the final. So, I think it should show everybody his greatness.

I don't look that he did bad result wise. He was a little injured, I could see that his mobility wasn't 100%. But he still played And when you don't play 100 percent with confidence, what I saw, he was a little bit more on the back foot; he wasn't as authoritative as he usually was.

I think I read Boris Becker said 'he didn't get any better' I disagree. I think he got better by losing, even though not by the result. He got better because it will motivate him to work on the mental game and solidify things a little bit, and I think the best is yet to come from Carlos Alcaraz," Macci told Tennis-Infinity.

After winning Wimbledon in such an impressive way, Alcaraz certainly didn't expect to go without a title in the remainder of the season. But after the ATP Finals, Alcaraz said he knew exactly what he needed to improve in the offseason.

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