Watch: Serena Williams, Venus Williams dry court, rain falls five minutes later

The Williams sisters seemingly arranged to hit the practice court together this week.

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Serena Williams, Venus Williams dry court, rain falls five minutes later
© Serena Williams - TikTok

Serena Williams hilariously revealed that she and Venus Williams did their best to dry the court, only to see the rain fall again just five minutes after they were done drying it for practice. Serena, who put an end to her astonishing pro tennis career after the 2022 US Open, seemingly arranged with sister Venus to hit the practice court together this week.

Since it was raining before they hit the court, the Williams sisters had to first dry the court and prepare it for a hitting session. But then, the rain fell again and made the court wet again. Serena took to TikTok to share how it all looked.

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While Serena Williams is retired, Venus is still active

Venus, 43, is still active but she had a very rough and challenging 2023 season.

After battling a hamstring injury in the first half of 2023, Venus sustained a leg injury early in her Wimbledon first-round loss to Elina Svitolina. Since Venus didn't want to miss the US Open, she did her best to compete at Flushing Meadows.

Venus managed to play at the US Open but there she suffered a 6-1 6-1 loss to Greet Minnen in the first round. Venus hasn't played since - she won't be playing in Australia - but targets to be ready for March. “I went to Wimbledon and sadly slipped in the third game of the match and really got injured.

I spent the whole summer pretty injured with my knee, like really struggling with it. I didn’t want to miss the US Open, made it there, but definitely not my best performance after so much time off after Wimbledon. So, I decided not to play anymore the rest of the year and just give my knee a chance to heal.

With the swelling I was having, I lost range of motion. You lose strength when your knee is swelling, also your muscles don’t activate anymore. So, your muscles are not activating, you can’t train, so you lose muscles.

It’s a whole cycle. This is what I was going through in the summer. I couldn’t get my swelling down, I lost range of motion, the nature of my injury was you know, all this stuff. But anyway, I was dealing with all that, so, I decided not to play any more.

What was super interesting is once I just sat down, I felt better, I would say. After the US Open, I would say maybe like four weeks later I got up, I remember it was a Sunday and I got up and I was like ‘Oh my God! I’m not in pain,'" Venus said in the latest video uploaded on her YouTube.

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