Venus and Serena Williams return on the court, but weather is against them!

The two sisters are back on hard court, with a truly particular role!

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Venus and Serena Williams return on the court, but weather is against them!
© @VeeSTARWilliams X account

When we talk about Serena Williams we are talking about one of the legends in the history of sport, probably the tennis player who changed women's tennis the most, together with La Divine Suzanne Lenglen and Billie Jean King.

The American champion has achieved great results over the years, she was No.1 for several weeks and, together with her sister Venus, she rewrote the history of tennis. 23 Grand Slam titles for Serena, 7 Major titles for Venus.

Important numbers also in doubles: but we are talking about two tennis players who have rewritten the history of black athletes, another battle that Serena and Venus have fought for years. Another battle concerns mental health: Serena has often fought hard for this issue affecting female athletes.

Through social networks, the youngest of the Williams sisters has clarified a message that should be well imprinted not only on all athletes but on all professionals. Serena clarified on X that she wasn't feeling well, but that ultimately there was no problem with it: it's just normal.

"I'm not okay. And it's okay to not be okay. No one is okay all the time and every day. If you're not okay today, I'm with you. There will always be a tomorrow. I love you," she wrote.

Weather alert: Serena and Venus in troubles!

At the moment, more and more tennis players are talking about mental health issues, a serious problem that should not be abandoned.

In these hours the current WTA world No.2 Iga Swiatek has criticized the WTA for not managing this situation in the best possible way, repeating how all the athletes do not feel understood at all by the federation. But not only topics of total importance for the Williams sisters.

There are also moments of frivolity and fun. Like a video in which they were on the hard court (yes, you understood correctly, the Williams sisters together on a tennis court!), under pouring rain. In the video, Serena and Venus tried to remove excess water from the court but...five minutes later, the court was hit by pouring rain again!

Below is the funny video shared by @VeeSTARWilliams account:

Serena Williams