Serena Williams donates her breast milk to needy New York mothers

The US tennis legend announced through a video on Instagram that she donated the milk she had left over during the trip after careful screening

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Serena Williams donates her breast milk to needy New York mothers
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Serena Williams became a mother for the second time a few months ago, when she gave birth to little Adira River. And, linked to her second motherhood, the former US tennis legend helped needy mothers by anonymously donating her excess breast milk, during a stay a few days ago in New York.

On Instagram she wrote: "I'm really excited to donate some leftover breast milk from my trip to New York to people who really need it. It may be anonymous, but I'm super excited. On a recent trip to New York I had some leftover breast milk.

After screening I was able to donate it instead of bringing milk home. I know so many amazing women who adopt or are unable to produce milk. It was amazing. By the way, someone there is getting some super soldier milk outside!"

Serena's milk after her second motherhood

Last August, Serena became a mother for the second time and announced the birth of Adira River Ohanian through a video published on her Tik Tok account.

Alexis Ohanian, husband of the American legend, dedicated an emotional tweet to little Adira. "Welcome, Adira River Ohanian. I am grateful to say that our home is a loving partner: a happy, healthy baby girl and an equally happy, healthy mother.

Serena, now you have given me another incomparable gift: you are my GMOAT. I thank all the medical staff who took care of my wife and our daughter. I will never forget the moment I introduced her little sister to Olympia,” wrote Alexis Ohaninan, calling Serena Williams the greatest mom of all time.

An expression linked to Serena's tennis career, recognized by many fans as the greatest player of all time.

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