Serena Williams' ex coach, fans rip major news outlet over 'trash' Pete Sampras post


Serena Williams' ex coach, fans rip major news outlet over 'trash' Pete Sampras post
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Tennis fans were left angered after American tennis icon Pete Sampras was labeled as "unrecognizable" in photos taken of him while he was grabbing some Starbucks coffee. 

Sampras, who officially retired from pro tennis in 2003, is now 52. Since retiring, former 14-time Grand Slam champion Sampras has kept a pretty low profile as hasn't made many appearances in tennis tournaments or major public events.

In late October, Sampras made a rare public announcement, but it was a sad one. In a statement to the ATP Tour, Sampras announced that his wife Bridgette Wilson was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson
Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson© Getty Images Entertainment - Vince Bucci

Last week, Sampras was pictured while exiting Starbucks with a few cups of coffee. 

"Tennis legend is completely unrecognizable as he is seen grabbing a coffee from Starbucks," the Daily Mail US wrote on X.

Fans angered by Sampras being labeled as 'uncrecognizable'

Shortly after the article was posted on X, numerous tennis fans expressed their displeasure over the portrayal of Sampras, as many deemed it "disrespectful."

Rennae Stubbs, who worked with Serena Williams during the American's farewell at the 2022 US Open, was among those who were left stunned by the article headline. Addressing the headline, former six-time Grand Slam champion in doubles Stubbs was pretty blunt and harsh. 

"You guys are TRASH! Firstly he looks fine. Secondly wt* kind of journalist is this. I could go into all the reasons why but it’s pointless. You’re pathetic!" Stubbs wrote on X. 

Another person wrote: "He is easily recognizable and if just aging like the rest of us. This is extremely disrespectful and hateful. Please leave the man alone as he attends to his wife."

One person just wondered how someone could post something like this about Sampras when he is dealing with such a situation in his family: "His wife is going through cancer and this is how you portray him? Beyond appalling."

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