Holger Rune responds to fake report about him, Serena Williams' ex-coach

This week, a false report claimed that Rune was hiring Rennae Stubbs as his new coach.

by Dzevad Mesic
Holger Rune responds to fake report about him, Serena Williams' ex-coach
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Holger Rune shared that he also got bombed with messages after a false report claimed that he was appointing Serena Williams' ex-coach Rennae Stubbs as his new coach. 

Just days after splitting with coach Severin Luthi, Rune also decided to part ways with Boris Becker. Stubbs, who worked as coach/advisor for Williams during the American's last tournament at the 2022 US Open, seemingly made herself available to Rune after the Dane split with Luthi and Becker. 

"@holgerrune2003 I have some time up my sleeve," Stubbs wrote on X on February 7th.

That post of Stubbs was taken out of context and way exaggerated as FirstSportz posted a poster that read: "Revealed: Holger Rune to appoint Rennae Stubbs as new coach after Boris Becker?"

That led to Stubbs being contacted by her friends and colleagues, who asked her if she was indeed becoming the new coach of Rune.

"I have been sent this by MANY people asking 'is this true?' No it’s not! I don’t know who put this out but you’re a bunch of clowns to do so with zero proof. My god!" Stubbs wrote on X.

Rune responds to a fake report about him and Stubbs 

"Yes many confronted me too about this (laughing emoji). Let them talk. Much too few female coaches on tour though," Rune wrote on X.

Holger Rune
Holger Rune© Getty Images Sport - Morgan Hancock

Reacting to Rune's response, Stubbs wrote: "Agree pal."

Also, Stubbs candidly addressed a fan pointing out that she once said that Rune was "punchable" for some of his antics.

"Yep. I 100% said it & he would probably agree there have been times in his past where he has been punchable with his on court stuff! I would also say it’s one area that he has improved on tremendously over the past 12 months. I’m sure someone told him that two. See how it works," Stubbs explained.

Meanwhile, Rune's split with Luthi and Becker left many shocked. After adding Becker to his coaching staff in late 2023, Rune drastically improved his form and started playing much better. 

In the offseason, Rune confirmed Becker would return for 2024 and also announced that he was hiring Roger Federer's ex-coach Severin Luthi. But after suffering a shock Australian Open second-round loss to Arthur Cazaux, something prompted Rune to make a drastic change.

This week, it was reported that Rune added Kenneth Carlsen to his team. 

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