Serena Williams: ´I´ll come back stronger to don´t lose again´

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Serena Williams: ´I´ll come back stronger to don´t lose again´

From our correspondent in Paris, Ivan Pasquariello Serena Williams comes to meet the press 5 minutes after losing her match against Garbine Muguruza, the worst defeat for Serena in 55 Slam appereances in terms of number of games won, only 4 for the American.

Serena is a river of words, most of them bitter, the disappointment is easy to notice. "I don't think anything worked for me today. Nothing, not a single thing. I was just saying I can't serve, cause I was frustrated.

I can't say that my tournament did last long. I just couldn't serve throughout it all though. It was one of those days. I hate to be off during a Grand Slam, but it is not the end of the world. She played very well. never seen her playing like this, actually, but she played smart and made me play bad as well" revealed Serena.

"Venus wasn't on my mind, to be honest, the chance of playing her next didn't affect me at all. I love it here in Paris, so I am extremely disappointed with the loss, but there is always next year. I was finally practicing well, but it didn't work today.

Now I am going to go home and work 5 times harder, to make sure I will not lose again. I know for a fact that I can play much better than I did today. I look forward to do better. I want to be the best, it's my goal. But sometimes I like to go down, to raise back and get even better.

For me it is a challenge, and I love challenges". What will the World No.1 do different next time? "I am never going to wear green in Paris again"! Serena finished it off saying: "my first few months of the year haven't been great, never got past the 4th round in a Grand Slam.

I actually have a couple of words to describe this months, but I don't think they would be very appropriate..."