Serena Williams on Her Body: It Was Not Easy Growing Up, I Was Large and Venus a Model

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Serena Williams on Her Body: It Was Not Easy Growing Up, I Was Large and Venus a Model

Serena Williams, had a life with some troubled experiences, primarily the relationship with her body. Recently Serena revealed to the Huffington Post what it was for her growing her in her body.

"It was not easy growing up, I saw that Venus had a model's body, and I was much bigger than her. I was not sure how to face the fact that most of the athletes are slim, so I came to the conclusion that I had to love myself for how I did it.

I had to look for other models, but now is different, my body now has this style and I love it! " Her ability to look ahead enabled her to overcome even serious injuries, such as at the one to her foot in 2010, which she did not tell anyone.

After five years Serena explains: "Something dropped on my foot, I don't know what, but I pretty much cut in half his foot. I had surgery two times and it was very hard. When you return from injury is a bit like recovering from a heartbreak: early it hurts but over time passes.

Now I feel much stronger, I work hard every day to stop thinking about these things. " The American decided to boycott the tournament of Indian Wells since 2001, when she faced racist insults, but this year she finally decided to come back: "It was not easy to leave behind those hours crying in the locker room in 2001.

On the way home I felt I had lost the most important match of my life, that of equality. Then going back in time, at this point in my career after so many victories, I wanted to close this chapter, deal with it.

There are so many things that we, as Americans, we lived, but now it's time to get up, and I do not speak only of me but for all of us! " Serena has never hidden her relationship with spirituality, always linked to her religious family, the world No.

1 maintains a constant relationship with her faith: "To give the best on the court there are three fundamental rules: you have to be physically exceptional , emotionally stable and you need to have a good connection with your spirituality.

Only when I can get those things I can play better. " ALSO READ Here are tennis top 10 angry moments of all time .