US Open Shock! Roberta Vinci Denies Serena Williams With the Grand Slam! All-Italian Final!

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US Open Shock! Roberta Vinci Denies Serena Williams With the Grand Slam! All-Italian Final!

It can be considered one of the biggest shocks in tennis history. Serena Williams, World No.1, was beaten in three sets by Italian Roberta Vinci, No.43 in three sets with the final score of 2-6 6-4 6-4. NY. It can be considered as the biggest shock in tennis history.

No one saw it coming, no one predicted it, no one had ever dreamed of it happening. If you asked Roberta Vinci if she thought she could beat Serena Williams in the semi-finals of her home Slam, the US OPEN, two wins away from conquering the calendar Grand Slam - a feat missing in tennis since 1988 - being the clear favorite left in the draw, coming back from a set down in the third set, well...Roberta would have probably told you that you were crazy.

"Sei Matto" she would have said in Italian. But that is just what happened. Reality more incredible than a dream. Roberta Vinci, 32-year-old from Taranto, Puglia, Italy, beat the World No. 1 Serena Williams in the US Open semi-finals, closing the match with a forehand drop volley.

Roberta played probably the best tennis in her career. Knowing she had nothing to lose, the Italian worked perfectly on her slice, her forehand attacks, her sublime volley shots. Vinci at one point, outplayed the World No.1. Clearly Serena was not at her best.

Williams had a below par day on her serve - her biggest weapon - firing 16 aces, but also 4 double faults, and winning only 45% of the points won her second serve. Roberta had only one ace and three double faults to her name, but won 51% of the points played on her second serve.

That happened mostly thanks to Serena, who missed more balls than expected. In the end the World No.1 committed a total of 40 unforced errors, but also had 50 winners to her name. Vinci closed the match with 19 winners and 20 unforced errors.

As incredible as it may sound, Serena didn't play a terrible match, it was rather Vinci who played, as Serena said "out of her mind" to force the American to miss first, to play different, unpredictable shots.