Margaret Court: 'It won't be easy for Serena Williams to beat my Grand Slams record

Tennis - The former Australian player also said during her time many players were better than now

by Luigi Gatto
Margaret Court: 'It won't be easy for Serena Williams to beat my Grand Slams record

One of the reasons that is pushing Serena Williams to keep playing is the chance to become the player with most Grand Slam singles titles ever. The world no. 2 has won 22 Majors and needs to conquer two more to equal Margaret Smith Court, who recently said that it will pretty tough for Serena to do it. 'She needs to win other three to pass me and you know that it's not easy,' the 74-year-old said. 'It surprises me that she plays a very few events outside the Slams.' Actually this year Williams played only eight events in total, the fewest since 2011.

Despite this, in the last eight Grand Slams played, she reached the finals six times winning four titles. Court also won 40 Grand Slam doubles titles. 'I think that no player will be able to beat my record of 64 Grand Slam titles in total, but if someone will win more than 24 in singles, well, she will deserve it.

But I could have won some more, because I lost finals where I was a very few points away from winning,' she said referring to the finals lost against Maria Ester Bueno, Billie Jean King and her compatriots Evonne Goolagong and Lesley Turner.

Out of the 24 Slam titles won in singles, only 11 came in the Open Era. There were different times than now as the stats and the titles weren't so important. 'While I was playing, I didn't even know how many I had won. I didn't know it until when commentators and journalists revealed it.

I knew about my record only a couple of years after stopping playing.' She gets angry when someone says that there weren't many high-level opponents in the past. 'Many people think none of the best players came to Australia.

Serena said it as well, but it's not true. Bueno came, as well as Christine Truman. When I was 17 I beat Bueno at quarter-finals level. It's a little bit said that amateur tennis of those years is a little bit underestimated. They can't forget that I won 11 Slam titles in the Open Era.

I see that there are many awards for Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall, while for the women's tennis they want to speak only about the players who played in the Open Era. But I feel that at my times many players were better than now.' Story by TennisBest ALSO READ: Serena Williams: 'If I were a man, I'd have been one of the greatest athletes ever, 6-7 years ago'

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