Ilie Nastase accuses Serena Williams of DOPING!

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Ilie Nastase accuses Serena Williams of DOPING!

Hard criticism by Ilie Nastase about Serena Williams. According to the former Romanian world no. 1, Serena doped in order to enhance her performance on the tennis court. 'Russia’s image when it comes to sport suffered a lot because of doping, but it’s pretty clear in Serena’s case as well,' Nastase told

'Don’t you see how she looks like? No one controls the Americans when it comes to doping. If the truth came to light, all big tournaments would disappear, all sponsors would leave. You can’t even imagine.' Last year a group of Russian hackers called ‘Fancy Bears’ revealed that Williams took some banned substances due to medical reasons, but she never failed a drug test.

Speaking instead about Maria Sharapova who said in the last 12 months she drank more alcohol than ever as she was banned due to doping, Nastase said, 'I think she doesn't get drunk easy as she is Russian. Sharapova does whatever she wants to in her private life, all of us do.

I think she also suffered a mild depression during her suspension.' Via Twitter, the 18-year-old Mikael Ymer commented about Nastase's sayings on Serena. 'Nastase, I'm tired of people like you who tries to bring athletes down that has worked incredibly hard and dedicated there life's to a sport.'

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