Serena Williams: I am really looking forward to coming back!

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Serena Williams: I am really looking forward to coming back!

Though Serena Williams is not playing Wimbledon and is busy bracing herself for her first child, she is watching her sister play at Wimbledon and admitted that watching her play is more nerve-wracking than actually playing.

"I'm as calm as a sister can be, which really isn't that calm," Serena said in a telephone interview with espnW. She insisted she doesn't yell at her television while watching. "It's hard to watch her because I know her so well, but she's been playing really well.

I'm so proud of her." "It's more nerve-wracking watching her because when I'm playing, it's all in my hands. It's up to me. But with her, I always want her to win and do great and it's out of my hands." The two usually talk after every match and text before it.

Venus is 2 matches away from a 6th Wimbledon title but Serena won’t comment on her chances. "Every tennis player knows just to focus on the task at hand," she said. "Don't get ahead of yourself, focus on one match at a time.

That's what she's doing and, even though I'm not playing, that's what I'm doing right now for her." While Serena admitted that she misses playing, she also expressed that she is in a very happy phase of life and will be back on court soon.

"If I see the ladies or the guys playing, I get totally excited and I think, 'I really miss it!' But I don't want to be there, only because I'm doing something I feel is just as important, if not much more important," she said.

"I really look forward to coming back. And I'll have time, it will be fun. But until then, I wouldn't trade this for any Grand Slam." ALSO READ Justin Henin: I hope Serena comes back