Chris Evert: 'Players will be less intimidated by Serena Williams'

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Chris Evert: 'Players will be less intimidated by Serena Williams'

The 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert doesn't think Serena Williams will have an easy comeback. The 23-time Major winner aims to compete at the 2018 Australian Open, and Evert thinks she will need to be well prepared to face her rivals.

'I think that this whole year, the level has gone up because Serena hasn’t been dominant and the other players have all felt that they had a shot at it, at the number one ranking,' Evert told AFP.

'Because of that challenge, they have improved in the physical and the mental part of it because they’ve all had a shot at it and they’ve pushed each other and that’s why there have been so many different winners.

So level will have improved by the time Serena comes back. The other players have gotten better and I think they’re not going to be as intimidated when Serena comes back.' Are there question marks on how Williams's mental, physical and tennis level will be? Yes, according to Evert.

'There’s so many things we don’t know about Serena, how it’s going to feel to her being a mother coming back, is it going to distract her, is it going to motivate her more? Or how being a mother emotionally will pull at her and will it take her away from tennis? There’s so many elements here that we don’t know about Serena and her comeback.' ALSO READ: Johanna Konta: 'Federer and Serena Williams have very similar qualities' .