Serena Williams: 'Violence has affected our lives personally'

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Serena Williams: 'Violence has affected our lives personally'

Serena Williams and Venus Williams faced some tough challenges in their lives since a very young age. On 14th September 2003, their 31-year-old sister Yetunde Price lost her life in a drive-by shooting in Compton, California.

'Well, violence has affected our lives personally — we lost our sister, she was the oldest — to violence,' the 23-time Grand Slam singles winner said after a charity event to raise funds for the centre named after Yetunde Price on Saturday. 'But I think what people don’t realize is how violence really affects not only your family, but also your friends, your neighbors.

I'm going to stop here.' Venus Williams added: 'Maybe I can help her continue. Also violence not only affects the victim’s family, but also the family of the perpetrator. It ruins their lives as well. If you’re a mother or father, it’s not your plan to have your child commit this.

It ruins lives. I think one of the hardest days of all of our lives was having to tell our sister’s children what happened to their mom. You can’t prepare for that.' Venus also shared an anecdote regarding their youth: 'If a car backfired, we knew to hit the ground, because it sounded very similar to a gun.

Our dad always had us get back up and practice, though.' Story by Yahoo ALSO READ: Serena Williams hits tennis courts for charity