Serena Williams: 'If Venus makes a mistake, a little bit of me dies'

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Serena Williams: 'If Venus makes a mistake, a little bit of me dies'

Serena Williams defeated Kiki Bertens 7-6, 7-5 to set up a third-round meeting against her sister Venus. The former world no. 1 feels satisfied with her performance: 'I'm getting there. I have a long way to go.

I have such a long way to go. It definitely felt better than the first round, but, I mean, I'm still a little rusty. I'm still making errors that I don't normally make. But I call this a trial run, you know. Even with the baby, like, a trial run of traveling with the baby and all of this is just so new to me.

Yeah, I'm getting there.' About playing her elder sister so early in the tournament, Serena mentioned, 'I think it's a huge difference to play her in the semi-finals or even the quarter-finals or a final as opposed to the third round.

You know, we can always stay in the tournament longer if, you know, the both of us are in the tournament. And having to play each other in the third round, one of us is going to be gone. So it's definitely a lot easier to play later on.' On watching her sister get good results throughout the last season, Serena stated, 'I didn't watch a single match of hers.

I get too nervous. I never lost a match sitting down. So if she makes a mistake, I just – a little bit of me dies. So, yeah, I didn't watch any. I think she's playing great compared to when she was younger.

I think she played great when she was younger, but I think she's playing great now. Obviously she's a lot better now, a lot, lot, lot better. But she's just always been someone that I have admired both on the court and off the court.' ALSO READ: Serena Williams: 'I would never be able to tell my kid, your mom cheated' .