Mandy Minella: 'The rule should stay as it is'

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Mandy Minella: 'The rule should stay as it is'

Simona Halep, Darren Cahill, James Blake all think that Serena Williams should have been seeded in Indian Wells and Miami, the first tournament in her comeback road after maternity. However, Mandy Minella, who has also returned to the tour after delivering her first child in 2017, thinks differently.

'The rule should stay as it is,' Minella said, per BBC. 'I don't think we would be talking about this if it wasn't Serena. There are many players who have been out because of pregnancy and there will be many more.

It's not that we are punished for being pregnant.' She also added, 'For entertainment reasons, it's very important to have Serena Williams in the draw, but I don't think it's important to have her in the seeding positions at the moment.

She's so good that she will get back to the top, so the rule should stay as it is. If seeded now, she would take away the spot of another girl who had fought all year to have a seeding, so it's a tricky situation.' ALSO READ: Venus Williams has emotional life lesson after loss in Indian Wells