Serena Williams opens up on her biggest challenge since comeback

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Serena Williams opens up on her biggest challenge since comeback

Serena Williams looked still pretty heavy and not really fit in her first matches since becoming a monther. Last month in Indian Wells she reached the third round, while in Miami Naomi Osaka upset her in the opening round.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Serena admitted that being fit physically has always been one of her ultimate challenges: 'Mental aspect is a huge part of my game. Physical is tough as well. It’s a part of the job.

A few years ago, I described and I realized that for the first time, I realized that my job was to stay fit. Simply put, so I was like, Okay, you have to have a better diet. You have to do this.

That’s my job, literally, that’s my job. And that gave me the motivation just to work harder on that, so sometimes, breaking things down like simple, so simple like that just can also help.' The long-time absence from the WTA Tour didn't affect Serena's strength in terms of focus.

'It’s always been something innate for me. Like, mentally, I’ve always clicked. I’ve always wanted to be on top, to be holding the trophies. I have always wanted that, so mentally, I knew what it took to get there and physically, even today, trying to get back and trying to get that physical back.

I got the mental, but I am just trying to get that physical back.' ALSO READ: Serena Williams reveals when she will retire .