Serena Williams nearly died, says husband Alexis Ohanian


Serena Williams nearly died, says husband Alexis Ohanian

In a long interview to The Times ahead of Wimbledon, Alexis Ohanian commented on his relationship with wife Serena Williams, their future and their nine-month-old daughter Olympia, who was born in September 2017. Several times Serena admitted that she didn't expect to get married to Ohanian, a white guy and they met each other by chance in Rome three years ago.

'We are different in a lot of ways, which is helpful because we learn from each other,' Ohanian admitted. 'There is a set of values that we share: work ethic and competitiveness. I thought I was the hardest-working person on the planet, in the hardest-working industry, but watching my wife is a humbling experience — seeing what high-pressure situations actually look like, and what it takes to be that great.

It’s work ethic on another level.' Ohanian has a huge respect for Serena's commitment to tennis, in her attempt to get at the top of the game again. 'I don’t understand what it takes to do what she does, but I understand the level of commitment and doggedness that’s required,' the Reddit Co-Founder said.

'She might be up early to train or working on a Sunday on her fashion line, but we’d never fight about that. We never fight about ambition or drive. That level of respect, understanding and shared values helps tremendously because we both want to be the best at what we do.' The 23-time Grand Slam winner never wanted to hide the complications she went through just after giving birth. 'She nearly died and was laid up for a couple of months,' he admitted.

'To have all this happen less than a year ago and to now be back to competing at this level is phenomenal.' ALSO READ: Mats Wilander warns Roger Federer: 'It's not like Nadal at the French Open'

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