'Serena Williams not supported like Nadal, Federer because of her colour'

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'Serena Williams not supported like Nadal, Federer because of her colour'

The WTA Founder Billie Jean King shared an interesting opinion on Serena Williams' legacy and people's perception of her. King admired Williams for her great run in Wimbledon, which ended against Angelique Kerber in the final.

'Serena came out and got so much love on Centre Court on Saturday. I think that says it all. I was thinking, “Bingo: people love her, they want the best for her and they love her story.” But it has not always been like that during the tournament.

I have seen that she doesn’t always get the whole crowd behind her like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal and I think it’s different that she’s a person of colour. Women also just don’t get the attention, enthusiasm or the sponsorship money that the men do. Serena is an amazing athlete, she’s so powerful and she has the most beautiful serve in the world.

The rhythm is poetry in motion and she is and will continue to be a great role model for everyone — and particularly for women of colour — and now that she has a daughter, she is for mothers too.' King believes that there should be the same scoring system in tennis between ATP and WTA.

In a column for The Times, King suggested the number of men's matches would be reduced. 'I think the men and the women should play best-of-three sets all year long,' King wrote. 'That way the fans — who are the most important part of this — will find it easy.

What if you’re trying to attract new people to the sport? We make it difficult with different formats for men and women. Also, the men wouldn’t wear out as fast. Best-of-five is way too much for them. Look at Friday night with Kevin Anderson and John Isner.

Or even if they did three sets in the first week of a Grand Slam, five sets in the second week — men and women should do the same.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer and wife Mirka enjoy holidays in Ibiza