Ion Tiriac should respect Serena Williams, says coach Patrick Mouratoglou

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Ion Tiriac should respect Serena Williams, says coach Patrick Mouratoglou

Chatting to Tennis Magazin, Patrick Mouratoglou commented on Ion Tiriac saying tennis doesn't need the 23-time Major winner Serena Williams, who has a 90kg weight. Mouratoglou did not know about it, and he said: 'Basically she is a little bit older for a top athlete, but it doesn't matter because she - just like Roger Federer at 36 years of age - can play tennis.

Ion Tiriac should respect it. And as young mother you are a little bit overweight, but it's normal. But: Serena improved a lot since her comeback in Indian Wells and Miami. She is in a much better shape now. She wanted to go out there to have the competition feeling again.

It was a little bit too early for a real comeback.' People who watch Serena think that her performances may be connected to her motivation. If she really wants it, then nothing can stop her. 'I know that people often have this impression of Serena.

And naturally, her motivation is an important key for her success. But one thing should not be forgotten: she needs to be ready for great triumphes as well. She works on herdelf and is often unsatisfied about herself and wants to improve.' About five different players becoming world No.

1 in 2017, the French coach added: 'I think it hurts women's tennis. Fans need starts to look up to. Almost no one knows who is the No. 1. Consistency lacks. Crowd wants to watch big rivalries.' 'You can't build a superstar', he added.

'Or you are or you are not. Obviously there are many good players, even here in my academy. Bu does one of them have what it takes to be a superstar? It's difficult to say.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic can reach Roger Federer's 20 Major titles - Gustavo Kuerten