Serena Williams proves that we all are humans, says Victoria Azarenka

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Serena Williams proves that we all are humans, says Victoria Azarenka

Victoria Azarenka backed Serena Williams's choice to speak about her maternity difficulties. The Belarusian can clearly see herself into it, as she has her son Leo. 'I think that it’s really amazing that she shared that and I think that we are always portrayed to be tough, that we’re fighters and everything but we’re all human and we all have feelings – I mean look at me right now', Azarenka said.

'It’s pretty easy to just say ‘oh, they’re athletes, they’re tough, they need to be focused, but we’re human beings and we have feelings. Our feelings sometimes get hurt, you feel insecure, you feel all those types of emotions, they’re there, and it’s just a matter of – I feel like stronger people can admit to those feelings and work through them and just not give up and keep going.

And the weaker people are the ones who give up and don’t face that and just try to ignore the emotions. I think in society now, with social media and everything everybody’s life is so perfect and then you look and you’re like, oh God you feel so sh*** about your life, when you look on someone’s social media.

The reality is different and I think there’s too much of fabricated happiness, like everything’s okay.' It has not been an easy time for Azarenka, who recognized her difficulties to feel passion for tennis.

'I think I’m struggling a little bit with finding the joy on the court because it’s been such a tough time and it’s still a tough time for me. So I think it’s just not a very exciting time for me personally.

I have no idea, I honestly don’t know where I’m at.' ALSO READ: After playing with shot clock for a week, Rafael Nadal gives his thoughts