Petra Kvitova: 'Me and Serena Williams are coming back from something'

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Petra Kvitova: 'Me and Serena Williams are coming back from something'

Petra Kvitova defeated Serena Williams in three sets to reach the Cincinnati Open third round. In her press conference, the Czech player shared her happiness for the win. 'Definitely was one of the best matches I have played this year, for sure,' said Kvitova.

'It was big hitting today. We were really battling about every point, every game. It was really a great match for both of us, I think. Yeah, I served pretty well today. I tried to return as much as I can. Yeah, I think it was fun to play Serena and was a good win.' Analyzing the match overall, Kvitova added: 'I think that in the beginning, she didn't really feel the rhythm probably.

I saw it from the baseline, pretty aggressive, so I put a little bit of pressure on her. She started to play better in the second. She really hit it much bigger than before. She served big, as well. In the third was really, I think, like 50/50.

I mean, it was just a couple of points here and there, and that's I think that I kind of put few more returns back to the court. From the rallies, it was always pretty open.' About playing against Serena either in a final or in the earlier rounds she added, 'Well, I didn't play her in the final, so I don't know.

I played her in the semifinal, but, well, I think it's a kind of interesting second round (smiling). Such a big tournament, so it's how it is, and, you know, we are both coming back from something. It's kind of fun to have the matches like this from the first rounds.

I don't know. I'm just glad that I played Serena, I won, and it was a great match and doesn't matter which round was it.' She also added, 'It's fun to play, for me. I know it's -- it's not about the forehand or backhand or serve.

It's like a mental game, as well, you know, still staying there and be focusing on every point. You need to play well, you need to serve well because she's serving well almost every time. So it's just about the staying really very focused and every single point.' At Wimbledon, Serena said everyone always plays their best against her.

Does Kvitova feel the same? 'Well, in the previous matches not really sure, but, well, I think that I need to play my best if I want to beat her. I'm pretty lucky when I'm playing these kinds of players and always playing great.

Not always, but most of the time. So it's nice that I can show the best tennis against the best players.' ALSO READ: Marin Cilic: 'Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic made me better'