Serena Williams makes big confession about her time away from tennis

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Serena Williams makes big confession about her time away from tennis

Serena Williams kept playing tennis in training until a few months before giving birth, mostly on clay, in order to remain in shape. But she has one regret: not having really followed the sport on TV. 'I really wish I hadn’t done that', Serena admitted in an interview to TIME speaking about the way her opponent Angelique Kerber played during the Wimbledon final last month.

'Because she (Kerber) played much, much harder than she’s ever played in her life. Hit nothing like she normally does. I was like, O.K., this is classic. Why did I do this? Just focus on Serena. That’s when I do my best.' Then Serena spoke about the people's perception towards women: 'It would be nice to recognize that women shouldn’t be treated differently because they take time to bring life into this world.

I’m a black woman. Women in general are not treated the same as men who’ve had the same amount of success. And then, being a black woman, doing something historically that’s never been done, it’s easy to feel like, ‘We’ve always picked on people of this color.

So I’m O.K. to continue to do it.' At the same time, Serena got praised by many tennis personalities including the 18-time Grand Slam winner Chris Evert. 'I've never met an athlete that can just produce the highest level of hunger, desire and mental determination other than her', Evert said.

'I’m in awe that she got to the finals.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer opens up about Uniqlo deal and playing 2020 Tokyo Games