Simona Halep: I was intimidated by Serena Williams mentally

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Simona Halep: I was intimidated by Serena Williams mentally

Simona Halep has been the world no. 1 for a while and also won a Grand Slam title, at this year's French Open. The Romanian player was asked in the press conference after her win over Aryna Sabalenka if this kind of achievement from her would be intimidating for her opponent and would also give her a mental edge.

'Whoa. I think we have to ask them,' Halep replied. 'It's tough for me to answer that question. Actually, I can say I was, back a while ago, I was intimidated by Serena (Williams) because she's so big, she's huge, but with other players, no, I haven't been.please.' Analyzing her great win over Sabalenka, Halep added: 'Well, it's tough to fix a plan and to go there to make it, because she's a very powerful opponent.

You have just to adjust yourself there on court. She's hitting the ball very strong. The serve was huge. It was a really tough one. But I stayed there. I stayed focused. I tried to stop missing and just to push her back. I tried to return, and I think I did it pretty well today.

I feel happy that I could go through this one. It was a big challenge for me to have an opponent that is so young and winning so good matches and tough matches before with confidence very high. It was a big challenge. And today when I stepped on the court, I said that I have just to relax and to play my game, which I did.

I did actually exactly how I felt on the court I could do that. That's why maybe I was able to win. And also mentally I was strong.' Asked if this was the tournament where she wants to win the most, Halep said: 'Well, I think I played two finals here.

Tomorrow is the third one. Maybe it's gonna be with luck. Rome, I would like to win. I like that tournament. It's in Europe. So I feel like home every time I go there. I pick Rome.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer fumes at Cincinnati Masters umpire: 'Just say: "I am sorry"