Serena Williams: 'I hate shot clock'. Andy Murray disagrees!

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Serena Williams: 'I hate shot clock'. Andy Murray disagrees!

Serena Williams doesn't like the shot clock. She first played with it in San Jose during the loss to Johanna Konta, then in Cincinnati and now at the US Open as well. 'I hate it, because I serve way faster than the serve clock, and then I feel like I need to play slower -- which is totally not the case, obviously', Serena said.

'I just have to not think about it because my game is a lot faster than the serve clock.' Andy Murray, who played in the same weeks as Serena during the North-American hard-court season (Washington and Cincinnati) instead thinks differently.

'It was one of those things in tennis that is so stupid, that the players were sort of expected to be counting to 25 in their heads, not having a clock on the court, and then getting warned -- how were you supposed to know how much time you were actually taking?' The US Open Tournament Director David Brewer said that shot clock are a bid to be 'transparent with the players and the live and broadcast audience between points.

We want to get the information of the rules out there.' The Spaniard Rafael Nadal is trying to deal with it as most as possible: 'I personally don't like but not because goes against me. The problem when I talk sometimes about this kind of stuff it's because the people think that I have the benefit because I am a slower player.

No. I can be faster, but I like to think. That's the thing. I understand the sport. Not like a thing that the things go fast. My experience in the world of tennis at the matches that became part of the history of our sport are not matches that the duration of the match is one hour thirty.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he has not won the US Open for a decade