Serena Williams should be the top-seed at the US Open, says Brad Gilbert

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Serena Williams should be the top-seed at the US Open, says Brad Gilbert

Serena Williams is world no. 26 but will be seeded 17th at the US Open which begins on Monday, August 27th. The ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert believes that the American player should have been the top seed. Serena is playing just her seventh tournament since having returned to the WTA Tour after maternity, but at Wimbledon, she reached the final losing to Angelique Kerber.

'I know one thing: Never underestimate Williams, Serena,' Gilbert said. 'And there’s two tournaments. If she can get through the first week, get some confidence going into the second week, she becomes a different player.

I blame the WTA. I think it’s an absolute joke what they’ve done, and they should be embarrassed that they don’t have anything — injuries are different from somebody coming off of maternity leave. I think that she should have come back after her absence with the protected ranking of No.

1. If you’ve seen me tweet in Indian Wells, I felt like she should have come back for eight tournaments with a protected ranking and seeded ranking of No. 1, not just Serena, whoever it is. Whenever you come back after maternity leave, if you were 8, you should be 8; if you’re 15, you should be 15.

So when she left the tour, she was clearly 1. So since something like that hasn’t been done, and they need to do it, which like I said I think is an absolute joke, I would have seeded her probably 5 to 8. I said I would have seeded her 1 at Wimbledon based upon her past, and I would have based upon her past success at the Open, I would have said about 5.

That’s just me. But the WTA definitely needs to look into this. (Victoria) Azarenka had it, now Serena. So any future women that have a baby, when they come back — you get the benefit of getting in the draw, getting into some tournaments, but okay, they’re going to get wildcards anyway, but I do think that it’s unfair to opponents to potentially have to play her first round. 'I think they need to look at it and come up with a better ruling because I actually — this is me; I really believe when you come back after this, whatever you were ranked before for eight tournaments you should be ranked at and seeded at.

Then after eight tournaments you’ve played, your ranking will be adjusted. That’s just my philosophy.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he has not won the US Open for a decade